หน่วยที่ 1 Introducing

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Introducing and Greeting People

Greeting People

Hello. / Hi.

Good morning. (before 12 o’clock)

Good afternoon.(after 12 o’clock)

Good evening .

     Introducing People

What’s your name?                   Who are you?

My name is …                           I am …

My friends call me ..                  You can call me …

Haven’t we met (before)?             Yes, I think we have.

No, I don’t think we have.            I think we’ve already met.

I don’t think we’ve met (before).      This is …

Meet …                                   Have you met …?

Yes, I have.                             No, I haven’t.

Yes, I think I have.                    No, I don’t think I have.

Hello, … (name)                       Nice to meet you. (informal)

Pleased to meet you.                  How do you do? (formal)

Nice to see you.                       Nice to see you again.

Say Goodbye

Good bye.

Bye. / See you.

See you later.

See you soon.

See you tomorrow.

See you next week.

Good night.


How are you?

How are you today?

Fine, thank you/thanks.

Not too bad.

Very well.

I’m okay / all right.

Not too well, actually.

What’s wrong with you?

What’s the matter with you?

Are you all right?

I’m tired .

I’m exhausted .

I’ve got a cold.



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